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A Non-Combustible Cladding Solution without Compromising Design

Developed from 5005 grade Aluminium, Custom Clad’s solid aluminium panels are our premium cladding solution. Offering exceptional quality and fire performance, Custom Clad’s solid aluminium product provides a definitive, non-combustible cladding solution for compliance and safety with no complications.


Categorically non-combustible certified to AS1530.1, Custom Clad’s solid aluminium panels come in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to ensure even the most complex designs can be achieved.

Custom Clad’s product provides architects, designers, developers, builders and contractors a premium solid aluminium façade panel they can safely specify for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects without compromising design.

Utilising a highly corrosion-resistant 5005 grade aluminium alloy, Custom Clad panels are ideal for installation in the harsh Australian environment.

Together with its non-combustibility, low maintenance and ability to be folded into cassettes, Custom Clad panels are ideal for new construction and recladding projects.

The superior PVDF architectural paint finish of Custom Clad panels ensures UV stability, colour retention and a product that will stand the test of time.

Custom Clad panels deliver high-level sustainability and is 100% recyclable.

Manufactured in our Hallam factory and available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, Custom Clad panels can be tailored to suit any project.



100% Non-Combustible to AS1530.1: Custom Clad panels are NCC compliant, streamlining the building approvals process to ensure your project is met on time. It’s also the ideal choice for recladding projects where existing panels (‘combustible cladding’) failed to meet state and national compliance laws.


Custom sizes, colours and Finishes: Custom Clad panels can be produced in any size, including oversize sheets, to ensure any design can be achieved.


20 Year Warranty: Designed to be corrosion resistant, Custom Clad panels will not oxidise, making it an ideal choice for all locations.


Stocked & Manufactured Locally: Custom Clad panels are manufactured at our factory in Hallam, minimising lead times for delivery.


Expert Guidance and Advice: Custom Clad’s design and production teams bring strong industry and technical knowledge to all projects they work on.


Competitively Priced: Custom Clad panels are market priced in line with current industry climate, making it an affordable, high-quality option.



Custom Clad panels provide the ideal façade material for building projects around Australia. Offering an extensive colour palette, Custom Clad provides a safe, sustainable and durable solution to building design in Australia.

Setting the benchmark for pre-painted aluminium panels, Custom Clad lends itself to a wide range of applications, including high rise, education, healthcare and residential.

Custom Clad provides an ideal non-combustible cladding alternative for project builds that are focused on exceeding fire compliance laws or for the recladding of existing projects that may have once used a combustible cladding product.

A Non-Combustible Cladding Solution Without Compromising Design.

Developed from marine grade aluminium, MondoClad® is our premium solid aluminium panel solution. Offering exceptional quality and fire performance, MondoClad® provides a definitive, non-combustible cladding solution for compliance and safety with no complications.

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ALUCOBOND® is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a fire-retardant or non-combustible mineral-filled core that stands for sustainable construction quality and the highest creative standards.


Alfrex Solid is a PPG Duranar Fluropolymer Pre-Painted Aluminium Solid Panel Manufactured by high quality Roll Coating (roll-to-roll continuous) method. It features a primer coating to protect the rear finish and can be easily fabricated to any shape or design.


Manufactured by Fairview, Vitradual is a 3mm non-combustible solid aluminium cassette cladding system. It is is a durable panel that has high impact resistant and can be curved, rolled and perforated. Vitradual is a high impact resistant, solid panel which can be fabricated, curved and rolled.

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