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2 Riverside Quay

Project Description


Budget: $2m+

Architect: Mirvac

Builder: Mirvac


Design, supply and installation of 4,000m2 of aluminium cladding, internal panels and lightweight frame for Grade A commercial tower in Southbank, Melbourne.

  • Busy Operational CBD Site

  • Premium World-Class Project

  • Complex Redevelopment & Upgrade

  • Bespoke Interior & Exterior Cladding

Case Study

A 100% Mirvac owned-and-led project, the delivery of the new Melbourne-based headquarters for PwC involved the addition of four additional levels to the existing A Grade commercial building on the busy Southbank site.


A key design challenge on the project was the large-scale arbour-inspired structure on the rooftop which was supported by two mega-columns with different cross-sections which required bespoke cladding; one was round, and the other a starburst shape. The architectural vision called for a combination of bronze and zinc tones, and we worked with one of our production partners to realise this look.

An additional consideration was the large quantity of internal stainless steel cladding called for by the architectural design in important areas such as the main lobby. To improve value for money, some of the less critical interior cladding elements, such as those featured in bathroom interiors, were realised in specially treated aluminium rather than steel.


The project’s design called for a specifically coloured, polished stainless steel finish throughout many of the building’s internal areas, including the lobby, some feature ceilings and cladding around the elevators. This product was only available through a UK-based manufacturer due to the specialised process used to create the finish. We worked collaboratively with the supplier and the client to procure and import this material.

During the manufacturing process, the end client requested a number of variations to the in-progress works, particularly the internal cladding elements in the ceilings as the placement of the lighting fixtures was one of the major changes.

As the manufacturing process was already underway to meet the fast-tracked programme, this meant that a substantial quantity of product had to be recycled. Custom Clad managed the variations to the design on a case by case basis, with the overall intent of providing the best possible value to both Mirvac and PwC.


Speed of delivery was essential – the project ran on a fast-tracked programme, and the internal works were a key activity along the project’s critical path. This was made additionally complex due to the client-initiated variations as detailed above. Additionally, as the project was an extension to an existing building, there were numerous occasions throughout delivery in the transition portion of the build where existing finishes needed to be matched.

Custom Clad supplied all necessary personnel to complete installation of the cladding elements. Additionally, some of the projects most bespoke features – which were realised in both metal and timber – were hand finished on site by our team of carpenters who were able to achieve an extremely high level of finish by tailoring some elements to fit the exact conditions encountered in the building.

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