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Aurora Shopping Village, Epping

Project Description

August 2017

Budget: $1m+

Architect: Clarke Hopkins Clarke

Builder: Maben Group

Client: Coles Group

Design, manufacture, delivery and installation of 1800m2 Custom-Clad Solid Aluminium Product, timber-look cladding panels, wood-decorated battens and lightweight framing for a major new shopping precinct in the suburb of Epping.

  • New Retail Precinct

  • Major New Shopping Centre

  • Timber-Finished Panels & Battens

  • Internal & External Cladding

Case Study

Another successful chapter in the long-standing collaboration between Custom Clad and builder Maben Group, the Aurora Shopping Village project involved the delivery of an entire retail precinct including a 4100m2 Coles Supermarket and Liquorland with a 200m2 mezzanine and car parking and an Aldi supermarket in addition to multiple specialty stores, a medical centre, gym, landscaping and a ‘high street’ running through the site.


The primary design feature, the large mezzanine fronting the Coles supermarket, features a number of curved elements which required detailed 3D modelling to realise. The façade and underlying soffit were broken down into a number of discrete elements, which were individually tracked throughout manufacturing to ensure the right fit and a watertight building envelope.

Additional design considerations included the use of timer-look cladding and battens in place of traditional and perishable timber, and the large triangular glazing elements that are featured on buildings such as the development’s large gym.


In addition to the solid aluminium cladding product, Custom Clad also produced significant quantities of lightweight framing for the Coles façade with incorporated mounting points for the panels themselves. Perforated privacy screens were also produced, along with timber battens for pedestrian walkways.

A critical consideration was ensuring that the powder coated aluminium panels made for the Coles façade perfectly matched the brand’s trademark red colour, and that the panels would faithfully hold this colour for the full 15+ year lifespan of the development. We worked closely with our trusted powder coating provider to ensure a perfect finish across all elements.


The façade installation was undertaken during a 5-month period while the retail precinct was tenanted and operating. Deliveries and logistics were handled by Custom Clad’s internal logistics team, and all installation performed on site by our qualified installers. The façade works were completed successfully on time and budget, allowing the fit out of the retail tenancies to proceed as per the programme.

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