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Manufacturing Services

Custom Clad operates a CNC (computer numerical control) Router at their Hallam factory.   Our machine can handle sheet sizes up to 4000mm x 1575mm.  CNC routing gives you precision and speed and our experienced, professional operators ensure a quality product is produced every time.


How to get started – CAD File Tips

Simply send an email to advising us of your needs. To ensure we can respond to your request as quickly as possible please provide us with the following information.

  1. A drawing with dimensions is sometimes necessary.  Please send a PDF for this purpose.

  2. All lines for external and internal shapes need to be connected and trimmed (no open lines).  Please note, lines overlapping or on top of each other are problematic and will cause issues when toolpathed, so take care when you are providing these details.

  3. We use AutoCAD and Rhino for CAD files.

  4. Line thickness should be set to zero.

  5. Supported file types are:
    .iges, .igs
    .step, .stp

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