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Casey Medical Centre, Clyde

Project Description

July, 2018

Budget: $1m+


Builder: Maben Group

Client: Casey Medical Centre

Design, manufacture, supply and installation of 1,500m2 Custom Clad aluminium product and installation of timber-finished aluminium on a major new greenfield medical centre delivered in Greater Melbourne’s outer suburb of Clyde.

  • Outer Metro Area Project

  • Custom Finishes including Timber Textures

  • Distinct & Geometric Architectural Vision

  • Built Adjacent to Highly Trafficked Intersection

Case Study

Delivered in the outer suburb of Clyde in the south-east of Greater Melbourne, the Casey Medical Centre Clyde is a two-storey medical centre with a ninety-space car park and surrounding landscaping. The building is notable for its striking façade design which features bold geometric shapes realised in Custom Clad’s solid aluminium product surrounding timber-finished slats, which were also solid aluminium with a bespoke finish.


Custom Clad was chosen to design and deliver the façade for the new medical centre by Maben Group with whom we have had a highly successful relationship, collaborating on numerous projects since our first collaboration in early 2012.

In order to supply the project in the most precise manner possible, our design team took the architectural design and updated the 3D model of the new building to include detailed façade elements and used this to determine the exact proportions and tolerances required to realise the façade design.


The solid aluminium product was self-manufactured by Custom Clad using our standard process. The timber-finished elements proved more difficult to procure due to the specific combination of materials and coatings required, which placed significant pressure on the delivery programme.

We were ultimately able to source a suitable product to realise the timber elements and worked closely with the provider to translate the design into a specific purchase order that achieved the project vision within the allocated budget.


A key constraint for the project’s programme was ensuring the building envelope was successfully completed and sealed so that the procurement and installation of medical equipment could unfold as per the critical path.

This meant that the window to install the façade was constrained to an 8-week period, and there was zero allowance for any defects that affected the weatherproofing. To ensure a timely installation was achieved, Custom Clad committed a team of up to 12 installers working onsite, and supplied all boom cranes required to complete the works.

Furthermore, as the site is approximately 50km from the city centre, the location of the medical centre placed increased pressure on Custom Clad’s logistics team, who were able to maintain supply throughout the works through careful coordination with the project team.

Casey Medical Centre’s second clinic in Clyde opened on time in July 2018 and has operated successfully since.

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